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  • Why should I choose Sonoma Valley Bike Tours/Sonoma Adventures?
    We’re So Glad You Asked! Our shop location in Sonoma rocks! Our full-service bike rental & touring center is located right at the head of a local bike path that leads to Sonoma’s quiet country roads. Within seconds, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the vineyards with 11 wineries within 5 miles for casual riders. Our team is singularly focused on catering to wine country visitors (that’s you!). We are NOT a local bike shop that happens to rent bikes on the side. We are the ONLY local bike rental & touring outfitter that is singularly focused on catering to wine country visitors who want to experience the local area and visit wineries by bike. We offer bike rental and guided tour options to meet the needs of a wide variety of riders – from casual tourists who want to pedal to Sonoma wineries with a knowledgeable local Tour Guide to avid cyclists who want to get a workout ride in during their vacation. You’ll see the difference in everything we do, from our custom designed Bike Route Maps, Planning Guides, expert local advice and specialized services – all designed to provide you with the best possible experience. You’ll benefit from our local connections & experience: We’ve been visiting local wineries by bike since 2005 and it’s fair to say that in that time, we’ve developed great relationships and have gotten to know many great off-the-beaten path wineries. We’re eager to share our knowledge to enhance your experience! Reap the rewards of our local knowledge: Our Tour Guides and shop staff reflect a diverse array of local knowledge and expertise. Our team includes an entertaining mix of local history buffs, backyard botanists, ecological enthusiasts and even some garage winemakers! Everyone on our team shares a commitment to enriching your wine country vacation by imparting knowledge that will deepen your appreciation of the world-class wines that are made here. We’re pretty pleased with ourselves when you have a “That’s cool! I didn’t know that!” moment with us. Our awesome team: A key characteristic of everyone you’ll meet at Sonoma Valley Bike Tours/Sonoma Adventures is a shared commitment to doing everything we can to make the day you spend biking with us the single most favorite thing you did during your vacation. We love sharing the place we live, work and ride with visitors who want to see and taste the best of what this beautiful area has to offer. You’ll ride on top-notch bikes: We have the newest Giant comfort/hybird/electric and road bikes all professionally maintained and tuned.We replace all of the stock tubes with high-quality, puncture-resistant tubes to greatly reduce your chance of getting a flat. And on the rare occasion you do get a flat or have a mechanical issue with your bike, we offer free roadside assistance along our signature routes.
  • How long does it take to drive from San Francisco?
    Depending on traffic, Sonoma is a 50-90 minute drive from San Francisco. Friday afternoon (after 3:00 p.m.) is the heaviest traffic due to Bay Area weekend getaway traffic.
  • How can I get to your shop from San Francisco without a car?
    Public transportation (via Golden Gate Transit and Sonoma Country Transit) is generally not recommended for a day trip, as the one-way trip takes close to 2 hours. As of May 2018, the estimated Lyft/Uber fare for the one-way trip from San Francisco is $80-150.
  • What are the best options for biking with kids?
    Sonoma has an abundance of quiet country roads that most families find ideal for a biking excursion. It should be noted that these roads are open to traffic (you will be sharing the road with cars) and most of the roads do not have a bike lane, but the roads are generally very lightly trafficked. Read more (and see) what the roads are like here.
  • How far do we ride on our tour?
    On our guided bike tours, you will ride an average of 3 to 5 miles between stops at local wineries for tastings. The terrain is mostly flat to gently rolling. The total mileage is usually in the neighborhood of about 15 miles.
  • How much should I budget for wine tasting fees?
    Average tasting fees in Sonoma Valley are between $35-$55. On our Half-Day Sonoma Bike Tour you will visit one winery. On the Full-Day Sonoma Bike Tour, you will visit two wineries.
  • Why aren't wine tasting fees included in the price of the tour?
    Wine tasting fees are not included in the bike tour price because 1) Tasting is optional (although our tours are wine-focused and most people who sign up for our tours do so with the intent of participating in the tastings) and 2) Your fees may be waived with minimum purchase (fee waiving policies/practices vary by winery).
  • How many wineries will we visit on our tour?
    On the Classic Half-Day Bike Tour you will visit two wineries. On the Full-Day Sonoma Bike Tour, you will visit three wineries.
  • What is the picnic lunch like with the Full Day Tour?
    The catered picnic lunch that is served during the Full-Day Sonoma Valley Bike Tour is prepared by our talented friends at Sonoma’s Best Gourmet Deli and includes a delicious platter of gourmet sandwiches, including a savory turkey pesto with manchego and arugula, a fresh caprese with soft mozerella, tomatoes and pesto and a Italian classic with salami, brie, carmelized onions and thinly sliced pear – all lightly grilled on fresh locally made baguette. Sandwiches are accompanied by fresh fruit and dessert platters as well as assorted seasonable nibbles.
  • How much should we tip our Tour Guide?
    Gratuity is always optional, but the typical range is $10-15 per guest for Half-Day Bike Tours (Half-Day Bike Tour) and $20-30 per guest for the Full-Day Bike Tour.
  • Can I bring my own bike?
    If you have your own bike, we’re happy to act as your “touring center” and provide free maps and advice. Sonoma is an awesome place to start your ride! We do not offer a discount for guests joining a guided tour and bringing their own bike.
  • What should I wear on the bike tour?
    Cool mornings make layering the best choice for most activities in Sonoma Valley. Beyond that, your main focus should be comfort. Casual shorts or cropped pants are recommend. Denim is probably the only fabric we recommend avoiding due to its thick seams. If you plan to wear long pants, tapered legs are advisable, or you may need to roll or cinch your right pant leg to avoid getting a nasty grease stain or getting caught on the derailleur (we have Velcro straps you can borrow, if needed). We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes or sandals that are securely strapped on your feet.
  • Can I bring my children or pets?
    Our guided tours are adult-oriented and wine-focused and we may ride on roads that are not appropriate for younger riders. For these reasons, young children are not allowed on our guided bike tours. If your family is mostly over the age of 21 with one or two Adult Children and you'd like to participate in a tour, please call our office to dicuss details. We have two options. One, you book a private tour for your family - yes it is more expensive but allows you and your family to enjoy a completely customizable experience that will keep everyone entertained. Two, call us and discuss brining your Adult Child on a tour, what it entails and what to expect. We find that most families with children prefer the flexibility Bike Rentals since you can choose your route and decide if/when to include winery visits along your route. While there are not always kid-centered activities available at the wineries, kids are usually welcome to play outside.
  • What happens if it's raining?
    On days when rain is forecast, we do require guests to report to the shop at the designated “Meet Time” for their scheduled tour. On days with light/intermittent rain, we can provide rain jackets to keep you dry and comfortable. In the unlikely event of heavy rain and Sonoma Valley Bike Tours determines that it is too heavy to ride in, we may offer to convert you to a chauffeured van tour instead and your Tour Guide will go out of her/his way to visit some special wineries that we wouldn’t have been able to visit by bike. We also offer the opportunity to reschedule or cancel for a full refund on rainy days.
  • BIKE RENTALS: Should I bring my cycling shoes?
    It depends on your objectives. By all means, if you’re planning to get a good long workout ride in definitely pack your shoes and let us know what type of pedal system you use so we can equip your bike with the appropriate pedals. However, if you’re planning to visit wineries by bike, cycling shoes with cleats can be awkward and uncomfortable for walking around at the wineries. Also consider the other people you’ll be riding with; you may not need to clip in if you’re riding with less experienced riders.
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